Certifications, Including MIL-I-45208A and MIL-STD-271F

ISO9001:2008 Certification

TOG's Total Quality Management System meets the new ISO 9001:2008 certification requirements. By achieving this certification in May 2006, TOG demonstrates it's commitment to quality for the manufacture of precision components for the Power Generation, Naval Vessel and other Industries.

Military Clearance


MIL-I-45208A - This military certification outlines acceptable procedures and standards for suppliers of components to the U.S. military. Certification requires exhaustive documentation, testing, controls, and other responsibilities, the maintenance of which is routinely verified by quality assurance representatives.


This military certification outlines acceptable Nondestructive Testing ("NDT") procedures for suppliers of components to the U.S. military. Certification requires initial and ongoing approval by government quality assurance representatives.

SDI (Supplier Delegated Inspection)

The Company holds an SDI certification for companies that allow TOG to act as an inspector for Procurement Quality Assurance actions regarding inspection of hardware and review of deliverable documentation. The Company must maintain a quality rating of 95% or greater to be eligible for this program.

LEVELS I, II and III NDT Inspectors

The Company employs persons qualified to perform various levels of NDT of parts used in military applications such as submarine components. The job of the inspector is to find potential damage to the stuffing tubes in order to avoid defects in newly machined parts. Similar compliance must be observed in TOG's non-military manufacturing, as 75% of the turbine fasteners manufactured require magnetic particle testing.

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