TOG Manufacturing traces its roots back to the early 1970's. Aldo Tognini started Tog Mold as a small plastic injection-mold making company located in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, which was fertile ground for mold makers.

Pittsfield, MA

The Township of Pittsfield, named in 1761 in honor of British Prime Minister William Pitt, had been primarily an agricultural area. But, because of the many brooks that flowed into the Housatonic River, Pittsfield became a popular location for mills that produced lumber, grist, paper and textiles.

In 1891, the City of Pittsfield was incorporated, and William Stanley, who had recently relocated his Electric Manufacturing Company to Pittsfield from Great Barrington, MA, produced the first electric transformer.  Stanley's enterprise was the forerunner of the internationally known corporate giant, General Electric.  At one time, several GE Divisions were located in Pittsfield including GE Transformers and GE Aerospace as well as GE Advanced Materials (Plastics).

Tog Mold & Tog Machining

In an effort to expand its business after the death of Aldo, a new company "Tog Machining Company" was formed in June of 1982 to manufacture parts for Electric Boat. Its first products were support fittings ("stuffing tubes") for US Navy submarines. Tog Machining ordered its first new CNC Lathe (1983 Mori Seiki TL-5) in 1983.

Tog Mold and Tog Machining had been co-located and were sharing an old GE Warehouse until 1987 at which time the lease was up. While most Tog Mold employees lived in Pittsfield, most Tog Machining employees lived up in North Adams; a city rich in skilled machinists. So in 1987 the two sister companies went their separate ways. Tog Mold built a new building in Dalton, MA while Tog Machining moved to its current location in Hardman Industrial Park in North Adams, MA

North Adams, MA

North Adams, the second largest community in Berkshire County, was an industrial part of Adams, MA until 1878 when the two were separated. (Adams, MA was incorporated in 1778 and was named after Samuel Adams of Boston). Textiles had become the major industry of North Adams when in 1801 the first carding and cloth-dressing mill was built on the north branch of the Hoosic River.

After the textile mills closed, Sprague Electric Company moved to North Adams in 1941. Sprague quickly became the biggest employer in North Adams manufacturing plastic/electronic components for industry and for military uses in World War II. (Sprague's capacitors were used in the Trident missiles and other atomic weapons.) Over the next 45 years, Sprague developed into an advanced electrical products manufacturer. In 1986, Commonwealth Sprague was formed by the purchase of the power capacitor division of Sprague Electric. But then in 2000, Commonwealth Sprague transitioned all manufacturing to Juarez Mexico.

TOG Manufacturing

Concurrent with its relocation to North Adams, Tog Machining purchased 2 new gun drills to better position itself to support the Electric Boat and Newport News stuffing tube volume.

In 1988, Tog Machining began to produce original equipment parts for the gas and steam turbine industries. With the growth of the Fitchburg Naval Drive Plant (GE), Tog increased its position in the precision specialty metal component business and so changed its name to TOG Manufacturing Company (TOG) in 1992. While TOG continued to ramp-up over the years, Tog Mold did not fare as well and closed in 1998. Unaffected by the departure of Tog Mold, TOG continued to grow, added employees and a second shift, and in 2000 doubled the size of its building in North Adams.

TOG today is a world-class manufacturer of precision specialty metal components supporting companies competing in the power generation, defense, offshore drilling and turbine manufacturing industries.

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