Total Quality Approach to Manufacture of High Pressure Moving Parts

Key Elements of TOG's Total Quality Approach

  • Premium Raw Materials
    • Stainless and Nickel Alloy
  • Heat Traceability
  • Military Clearance
    • MIL-I-45208A
    • MIL-STD-271F
  • Certification
    • ISO9001:2008
    • SDI
    • LEVELS I,II and III NDT Inspectors

Premium Raw Materials

High Temp Nickel Alloys

  • 718 Inconel®
  • X-750 Inconel®
  • 400
  • K500 Monel®
  • A286 Stainless
  • 600

Stainless Steel Bar

  • 422
  • 416
  • 410
  • 321
  • 316
  • 304

Alloy Bar

  • A193 Grade B16
  • A193 Grade B7
  • 4130
  • 4140
  • 4340
  • 8620

"Heat" Traceability

The Company complies with rigorous raw materials identification and tracking procedures for its commercial and military customers. Should a machined part ever fail, the customer can track the material back to the mill that produced it.

Military Clearance

TOG holds MIL-I-45208A certification which outlines acceptable procedures and standards for suppliers of components to the U.S. military.

TOG holds MIL-STD-271F certification which outlines acceptable Nondestructive Testing ("NDT") procedures for suppliers of components to the U.S. military.


TOG is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

TOG is SDI (Supplier Designated Inspections) certified which allows TOG to act as an inspector for Procurement Quality Assurance actions regarding inspection of hardware and review of deliverable documentation.

TOG employs persons qualified to perform various levels of NDT (non-destructive testing) of parts used in military applications.

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