Manufacturer of Precision Metal Components for Turbines, Valves and Military Applications

TOG manufactures precision machined parts including fasteners, rotor studs, valve components, bushings, and other miscellaneous precision nitrided parts for gas and steam turbine power generation applications.

TOG also manufactures various components for the submarine and surface vessel industries. This market includes both new construction and refurbishing of military submarines and boats.

Components machined at TOG include:

Specialty Fastener Products, Turbine Fasteners and Military Fasteners

TOG machines a wide range of fasteners, coupling hardware kits, and studs, which are used to connect many of the moving parts inside the turbines and similar applications. We are very experienced producing turbine fasteners and military fasteners, having a SDI (Supplier Delegated Inspection) Rating.

Custom Bushings

Custom Bushings TOG produces are high-wear parts that are integral to the proper functioning of controls and other valves in turbines.

Valve Stems

Valve stems are machined materials through which air or gas flows in a valve assembly. They must be able to withstand extremely high impact loads.

Valve Components

TOG's extensive machining capabilities and experienced work force give the company the ability to produce a wide variety of precision valve components used in critical applications.

Custom Components

TOG's skilled staff, range of experience, depth of resources and quality control systems result in the ability to create almost any machined metal component.

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